Tobias Kreklow (HAIP Solutions):
Hyperspectral Imaging for AgriFood applications with HAIP Solutions


Tobias Kreklow is co-founder and CEO of HAIP Solutions GmbH, a young tech start-up from Hanover, Germany that offers user-friendly products based on hyperspectral imaging technology for agriculture, the food industry, recycling and environmental monitoring.
He studied at the Leibniz University of Hanover at the Institute for Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology, where he focused on issues related to agriculture. This makes it possible for him to ideally combine the needs of the users with the technology developed by HAIP Solutions for the individual use cases.

Presentation Abstract

Hyperspectral imaging is one of the most emerging sensor technologies for plant diagnosis. HAIP Solutions builds various user-friendly solutions based on this technology for the environmental sector to provide the user with more information than would be visible to the human eye.